blends science and the age-old wisdom of mankind to help you find the lost route to happiness, peacefulness, and tranquillity by a revolutionary app incorporated with a wearable.

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Want to Relieve stress and achieve inner peace?

What if staying immune to unpleasant and frustrating triggers can actually not let spoil your mood and well-being?

How about not being intimidated by challenges but embracing them as a source of your personal growth?

Kogi Mind, an incredible app - helps you unlock life with love, and respect and puts aside bitterness, and leads to a happy, content, and fulfilled life.

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Stress turns

Overwhelmed with too much pressure going on?

Relieving stress can be a major challenge in today's world. And this may lead you to mental and physical health
issues such as insomnia, chronic pain, depression, and constant fatigue.

Instead of fighting windmills, learn and tackle the interpretation of events: what happens around you and how you react to them peacefully.

Don't just change the World, change “How you respond to it”.

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Measure Your

Mindfulness – the state of being conscious, and calmly aware of yourself and your surroundings, has always been considered an abstract concept, but not anymore.

With our advanced algorithm inspired by MIT research, Kogi Mind outputs a specific number – the Kogi Index, a concrete numeric manifestation of your state of mind at any given moment, and something that was only applicable to the physical level of human operation before this breakthrough.

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Bio-feedback to Support Your

Gauging meditation quality and experience is no longer a problem.

Remember having additional training wheels when you were learning to ride a bicycle as a kid? Or master rope walking with a good friend beside you?

That is exactly how Kogi Mind works, it tracks Real-time physiological signals and provides reliable support and accurate data.

And not only this– there’s a useful log book and scores to support your meditation.


Marketplace of Meditation Programs

Finding it hard to squeeze time out of the hectic life? Choose one of our many training programs with various lengths that suits you most. Make the most of your scattered time throughout the day: whether you are commuting, taking a coffee break, or awaiting the start of a meeting.

Dive deep into your inner self and level up your senses.

Kogi Smartband


Quantitative Feedback

Kogi Smartband tracks your HRV and breathing rate during your meditation practice to evaluate your performance. Every single bar and practice counts on the chart and tells your state of mind regardless of the scores.

Stress Alert

Kogi understands your behaviour with data and provides the stress alert by smartband vibration at the optimum moment before your burnout.

Continuous Monitoring

Kogi is a subtle device that can easily incorporate into your daily routine, by monitoring your stress levels, physical activities, and sleep patterns with PPG technology.

Kogi App


Comprehensive Lifestyle report

The App provides a report of the best analysis of your state of being and insights into your lifestyle reflects by your physiological signals.

Correlated Insights

Data are optionally correlated to the events in your mobile calendar or manually input to the timeline to let you understand how your mind and body react to these events.

In-App Meditation Programs

In the Kogi market place, You are free to choose from the selections of exclusive meditation programs hosted by professional coaches all around the world, and you can simply personalize training based on your need and availability

Smart Notifications

Kogi is your mind companion, it offers you recommendations and notifications on your route to happiness. We understand your lifestyle and improve it together with you.

Dynamic Impact

Every practice gradually makes changes to your overall well-being. It improves your resilience to adversity and boosts your overall performance. Kogi not only reveals the true impact of your data but motivates you to sustain the practice.

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