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What’s Mindfio?

We measure your Mind and Body

Mindfulness, the state of being conscious on the present moment, has long been abstract and unmeasurable.

With our advanced patent-pending algorithm inspired by the researches of MIT, Mindfio measures the condition of your mind with the Mindfio Index – a unique indicator derived from scientific researches that assesses the state of mind.

Workplace Stress

Ironical, but true: as technology progresses, our pace of life quickens, and while we are expected to have higher productivity, the “always on” mentality makes us work longer than ever before, stress levels the world over have reached unprecedented highs.

At Mindfio, we’re turning things around by synthesizing the best of modern technology into a uniquely powerful and accessible tool for your wellness.

Professional Online Training

You are free to choose from the selections of exclusive meditation programs hosted by professional coaches all around the world in the Mindfio marketplace, simply personalize the list of trainings based on your need and availability.

Experience the professional training without geographic and time limitations and enjoy the peace and calmness with our mindful elites.

MindfulnessAnytime Anywhere

Finding it hard to squeeze time out of the hectic life? Our fragmented training programs are tailored to help you achieve the recommended goal of 10 minutes per day.

No matter you are commuting, taking a coffee break or expecting a meeting, you can make good use of your scattered time to maximize your daily mindful time anytime, anywhere!

TrackingTraining Effectiveness

Mindfio tracks the variation of your mindfulness level during your training, your performance can be evaluated. To learn the effectiveness of different programs, Mindfio app allows you to access to all your training reports and track your progress of mindful activities. More practice, better achievement!