Inspired by the culture of the ancient Kogi people of the great Inca and Aztec civilizations we decided to name our getaway tool after them. Their wisdom and serenity; their awareness of deeper truths, their view of life as an exciting journey rather than a destination, as something to cherish and celebrate; their concern for nature and unwavering hope for a better future are qualities we sincerely wish everyone on the planet shared. This is how Kogi Mind was born.

Technological advances are supposed to make our lives easier. But eventually we got caught up. We start to feel overwhelmed, depressed, impatient, unhappy, burnt out. We lose our inner peace, calmness, emotional balance. Kogi Mind hopes to use a small app backed up by the most recent MIT scientific research algorithm, guiding you through brief daily mental exercises to abstract away from your routine and regain emotional balance.

Mindfulness and awareness practices help us to quickly find the path back to the natural world we seem to have lost in the midst of our everyday chaos. We suddenly start to truly see and hear again, with all our senses starting to function on a whole new level. We begin to see and appreciate the beauty of nature, we are as if awe-struck in the face of its power and charm, and feelings of gratitude, compassion, love and happiness enter our hearts. We leave the realm of solitude and ego behind and enter the circle of a broader belonging, abandoning individual time tracking and chiming in sync with the global rhythms of the world.

We thought we’d give people a break. A small tool to dive into the depths of inner self, to reconnect to the source of life, to replenish the life forces that keep you moving forward. And have a fresh start each time you’re back in the game.


Marie Holm, PhD

Associate Professor at INSEEC Business School, France

Research and teaching linking corporate mindfulness and workplace spirituality with sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

“Kogi Mind serves as a great support to our health and well-being. While our ultimate compass of sensing and intuition is always within us, this technology provides a support in tuning into ourselves, to fortify our mental balance and energy. Through combining such expertise within a holistic framework we can aim toward developing our capabilities and improving the world around us.”


Founder of the Miracle Smile Forest, Japan

UK Sound Healing Certified Therapist ; Guided Meditation Therapist, Voice & Sound Healer; Music Creator